Twitter Strategies | 4 Non Spammy Ways To Get More Engagement And Market Your Business On Twitter

Do you know how to get engagement and market your business on Twitter? As you know, the Internet helps even the playing field for sharing a message, idea or product. Twitter completey flattens it. So much so, that it’s difficult to get noticed, to reach the audience you’re interested in and gain their attention. How can you stand a chance of increasing your following?

If you spend much time on Twitter, you’ve certainly run across a number of bots, serial followers, and otherwise spammy accounts. These accounts take strategies for growing a following on Twitter to an unethical, annoying extreme. And, at least by their follower counts, this approach seems to be working.

But, as with offline relationships, quantity rarely trumps quality. To ethically build a meaningful cadre of followers on Twitter, you’ll have to do more than create a few lines of code or click the ‘Follow’ button a couple thousand times. To build an audience and a presence, your Twitter strategy should focus on three broad categories: Content, Engagement, and Rewards.

Read on for 4 methods you can take to optimize your Twitter presence in these three categories and gain valuable followers.


Content – stuff worth sharing



1. Create Valuable Content

Strategy: Sharing content repeatedly, Buffer

If you want people to follow and share what you publish, you need to publish content worth sharing. No need to belabor that point, however, less widely-understood is the value of sharing this content multiple times.

Twitter is of-the-moment, but the majority of your followers will not be checking Twitter 24/7. Using a tweet-scheduling service like Buffer puts your content in front of your audience when they’re most likely to see it. Increase this likelihood by scheduling multiple posts for a particular piece of content.


2. Comment on relevant news/tweets

Strategy: Live-Tweeting

Commenting on relevant news, trending topics, and various other happenings on Twitter injects your voice into an ongoing conversation. Pick conversations that your followers – and your brand – would care about, and join in the discussion.

If you’re a social commentator, lifestyle brand or comedian, you might cultivate a following live-tweeting #downtonabbey. A more serious account may publish reasoned comments on #healthcare during a televised address. Whatever your focus, joining in on a tweetup, story or other hashtagged event is a great way to meet your ideal followers where they’re gathering.


3. Retweet relevant content

Strategy: Search/rank service to identify thought-leaders

Another way to capitalize on ongoing conversations is to retweet relevant content. Using a management dashboard for Twitter like TweetDeck, identify thought-leaders in your industry, and retweet meaningful content they’re sharing. Their voice is amplified, and yours legitimized. Your brand stands to benefit from associating with reputable commentators, and you’re laying groundwork for potential collaboration and reciprocal sharing.


Engagement – Ask. Listen. Respond.

Why people follow brands on Twitter (multiple responses allowed) |

4. Events to Engage


Four more years.

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) November 7, 2012


Strategy: Promoted Tweets

Twitter capitalizes on the immediacy of events and can exponentially amplify the buzz of contests. Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential re-election campaign set a new standard for the use of social media to build consensus and drive action. Throughout the campaign, well-timed tweets captured a key moment and made it easy to share messages and emotions.

By paying to promote the most important messages, Obama’s campaign owned the conversation at crucial points in the election. Twitter is the medium of choice for discussing ongoing events. Steering and leading an event conversation in real-time is exceedingly valuable – and worth paying for.



Content, engagement, and rewards make your Twitter account a meaningful destination for potential followers. Give your audience what they want, and more followers will want to join that audience.

While on Twitter, I’ve managed promoted many offers and businesss with 10 times my audience, my own following is admittedly needs a little work. Over the next few months, I’ll implementing the actions detailed above. Follow my experiment and share your engagement and marketing ideas for Twitter in the comments section below.


Thanks for your time,

-Eric Walters II

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3 Tips That Will Help You Make Money On Tumblr


Seems like everyone is always talking about marketing on Facebook and Twitter and Google+ right? And why not… they are great ways to drive traffic and sales to your sites.

On the contrary, one massive social site that I never see anyone talking about is Tumblr.

This is kinda funny because it’s actually one of the most viral social networks out there and with it I’m able to drive TONS of free traffic and backlinks and social signals to ALL of my sites.

Though I’ve always been a little 'hush-hush' about just exactly how I do this.

But today that all changes...

Because in this video we're going to show you how you can easily build up HUGE tumblr accounts that have thousands of niche related followers that you can then use to promote your sites and absolutely DOMINATE the search engines; all by using these 3 easy tips that will help you make money with Tumblr...

Sound cool? You bet your ass it is.

Why You Want To Be and Need To Be On Tumblr…



I'm hoping that you’ve watched the video above where my friend shows you exactly how to get tumblr followers fast and for free and in HUGE quantities then you’ll be well on your way to building up tumblr accounts that you can use to:

  • Drive dozens or even hundreds of extremely high quality backlinks to every page on your niche sites.
  • Send your content viral so that it gets re-posted ALL over the web.
  • Promote your YouTube videos and channels. Hell with a good tumblr account along you can launch a YouTube channel from total obscurity to being popular and seriously trafficked.
  • Do anything you would do with your other social profiles. Only with tumblr you’ll find your stuff might go more viral than on any other social site out there.


Hey guys and girls, I hope you got massive value from this post about the 3 Tips That Will Help You Make Money On Tumblr ; and I'd appreciate if you left any feedback or tips of your own in the commnets section.



-Eric Walters II

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Is Your Website Starving For Massive Quality Traffic?


People always ask me how to get massive traffic on their websites and blah blah. I like to answer these type of questions...

Competition of internet marketing is rising day by day. Every online marketer wishes to appear on internet and wants more traffic on their websites. Here I am describing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategies which is helpful to raise traffic on websites.


Free Traffic Generating Methods That I use

1. Forum Commenting – Forum allows you to post a link in the signature back to your website for anyone who is interesting will notice and visit it. As an example some high PR SEO forum are listed here:

· DreamTeamMoney Internet Marketing Forum | Webmaster, HYIP, Forex, Network Marketing, E-Currency, Money Making Forum


2. Blogging and Blog-commenting – Create blogs on social networking websites and update them regularly by posting unique and long content with your site link along with it, you can also comment on others blog. Bellow a list of social networking website has been posted where you can create your own blogs:

· - Get a Free Blog Here

3. Share videos, images, and content – Create some interesting and informative videos, images and content relevant to your product and share it between your friends on social networking website. Sharing is one of the best ways to aware folks with your products. Some sites of image sharing, video sharing and content sharing are below.

4. Post and share articles – Write informative articles related to your product and post it on high PR article website with your website’s link in reference box. Share these articles on social networking websites and inspire people to read it:


5. Yahoo Answers – Answer the quarries posted related to your product at yahoo answers communities and notifies the public about your products benefits along with your website’s link as source.


I'll tell you up front, these free traffic methods may take a bit of time to execute, but on the flip side, once you plate the seeds on the sites above, the traffic will continue to flow on auto-pilot no matter what you do. Even better, it's FREE to do!

So in closing, if you have your own online business but low on funds and have no money to spend to get quality traffic to your website, then this is the best, easiest and most effective way for you to get massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website consistently.


*Feel free to comment on these free traffic methods as well as sharing your traffic methods below in the comments section.*


Have a great day,

-Eric Walters II

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Not All Solo Ads Are Created Equal...



Just thought I'd mention this because a lot of people do not realize this is even happening.

When you are looking to purchase solo ads you will notice almost everyone 'Guarantees' clicks. What a lot of solo ad providers do not tell you is that they will change your solo ad to be as blind as possible to increase the clicks.

Remember, they guarantee clicks, not conversion.

So, after you buy a solo ad and they deliver on the clicks you might be thinking your landing page sucks because your conversion was poor. Not so fast... The problem isn't necessarily you at all.

The reason I am mentioning this is because I just received an email that talked about one thing but when I clicked the link it was completely different. I knew it was a paid solo ad because of the tracking elements and where it was being tracked from.

This is NOT cool... But here's what you can do about it.

1. Ask the person you're buying the solo ad from what lists he sends your ad to and make sure you subscribe so you can see if you email message has been changed and to what extent.

2. Ask if your solo ad will be changed at all.

If the person you are buying the solo ad from does not want to give you this information DO NOT buy from them.

This is one of Solo Advertising's dirty little secrets... make sure you do your due diligence.


I have a check-list and it goes as follows:

-How was the list built?
-Are you using any rotators?
-How can I get on your list?
-Can I provide my own copy?
-Any redirects?
-How long until you deliver?



Hope this article about the Truth About Solo Ads helps you guys out. If you have a question or stories you'd like to share about a good or bad solo ad campaign, please leave comments below.


To your success,

-Eric Walters II

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Is Coconut Oil Effective At Eliminating Acne?


Despite popular belief when it comes to the negative opinions of ingesting excess oil into the body in regards to using coconut oil for acne – coconut oil works wonders when ingested internally to fight and eliminate acne holistically and for overall health benefits.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, which have antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It also helps to iradicate yeast and parasites which even improves digestion, and it can also boost your immune system to fight off infections.

Since most disfucntions and diseases in the body start in the digestive system, so it's only fitting that coconut oil is so effective at fighting acne.



Can You Use Coconut Oil On Your Face For Acne

I've gotten a bit of skepticism in regards to using coconut oil on the face for acne. Probably because there are hundreds of reviews online ranting about how awesome coconut oil is for their skin. It helps to clear up acne, heals, and moisturize their skin to a "baby soft" feel.

So people want to know from me… is this for real? Is it really safe to put on their face?

Honestly… I have mixed feelings. I've tried using alot of oil pulling methods with temporary positives results. We all have to undestand that everyone is different; works works for some people, maybe doesn't work for others.

Some people swear by using coconut oil topically for acne, but then others feel that it’s very comedogenic (meaning that it clogs your pores). 

According to an article quoted by Fran from High on Health blog, posted a while ago about her experiences with coconut oil, She wrote a post telling people that "she was using coconut oil on her face and that it was going well, and that she Loved it a lot"! But then soon after she did a follow up post in which she says it triggered quite a breakout, all her pores became clogged, and it took her skin months to recover. She even calls it a ‘nightmare’.


Coconut Oil For Acne Conclusion

In my opinion, using coconut oil topically for acne is a step in the right direction as opposed to spending ridiculous amounts of money of cosmetic garbage and dangerous prescriptions that yield little to no results in the long term.

Let's face it, if all of theses so-called dermatologist came up with an actual cure for acne, they would actually lose money and be out of a job. I think in the long run, the best policy is to keep it simple and use only natural methods as much as possible. If you've happen to have tried coconut oil topically on your face for acne, please let me know about your experiences in the comment section below.


Thanks for your time,

-Eric Walters II

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